Barbour is a low-key luxury brand from Britain

Barbour is a low-key luxury brand in the United Kingdom. It is also a supplier of raincoats and coats for the British Royal family. The Aquascutum and the B have become familiar to us. Only Barbour has not entered China yet. But the quality is ranked first in the low-key Barbour.

Many products in Britain boast that they are used by the Royal Family. Family B takes the name of the former King of England as an important chapter in the history of brand development. But in terms of Royal favor, B and A do not add up to Barbour as well. Despite its ugly appearance, Barbour is absolutely the only leader on the road to durability.

Smythson, a low-key but never lose to Burberry’s luxury brand. Basically, Smythson was born at the same time as the B family, almost a hundred years before Burberry was even founded, so to speak, TA was the ancestor of the British style. From the start, Smythson was positioned as a high-end customer, with royal aristocracy in the water, the European royal family of Shenma and the Indian princes as the guests, and even Queen Victoria as their VVIP.

The special history of Barbour

In 1959, Duncan Barbour, 48, died young, and his son, John Barbou, started working. He ran the company with his mother, Nancy Barbour, and grandfather, Malcolm Barbour. In 1968, John Barbour (small) died suddenly, and wife Margaret Barbour entered the board of directors. In 1972, Margaret Barbour was appointed chairman of the board.

In 1997, Margaret Barbour’s daughter Helen Barbour was appointed Vice Chairman of the board. Barbour brand has been managed by the Barbour family, Sansheng III has experienced more than a century of ups and downs, is now the family’s fourth and fifth generation in charge.

Barbour, a traditional British country culture, has a history of 100 years as a coat that can be passed down from generation to generation. With strict hand-sewn threads, durable, watertight oilcloth materials and classic fashionable designs, such as companions and close friends, Barbour is the family that accompanies you and your descendants throughout their lives.

The continuation of Barbour classics

Barbour (Barbour), originating from the traditional British rural culture, has a century of history and is world-famous for its durability, practicality, low-key and luxurious brand style. Its most representative product – Waxed coat with strong, durable characteristics and classic fashion design and popular fashion people from all walks of life. This autumn and winter, Barbour (Barber) continues the classics.

Modern elements combine traditional Barbour to create New Gamefair waxing coat (BW16WJ505). Very warm quilted fabric and moderate length make fashionable appearance and practical functionality indispensable.

Two large bellows pockets and two diagonally inserted pockets, a detachable hood, a two-way zipper with a “Barbour” zipper and a thick corduroy collar are the finest details of the jacket. The belly pocket is beautifully embroidered with Barbour. Inside the sweater and shirt, you can wear extraordinary visual effects.

Century-old classic style of barbour

Founded in 1894, Barbour is known for its trench coats and is also known as Burberry and Aquascutum. It inherits the British rural style, always adhere to functional clothing, show the brand “wisdom, rough, charm” personality, inherit the core values of family business.

When the classics are hard to find, the spirit and culture of a traditional brand are more precious. In August 2014, Barbour entered the mainland market for the first time, and set up stores and counters in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing and other places. The long-awaited Chinese consumers brought the original British style clothing products. Let people have a clearer and deeper understanding of “British culture”.

When Barbour first entered the Chinese market, its most famous waxing coat has attracted much attention. Founded in the northeastern part of England, it is deeply influenced by the traditional life of animal husbandry, fishery, shipbuilding and so on. The inspiration of Tu’s coat comes from the English countryside. It is a complex special process and durability, become advocate of nature, love outdoor, high quality clothing people’s favorite.

Barbour For Land Rover

Barbour has become the hottest trench coat in the fashion world thanks to successful co-names with brands such as SHPHNET., Vans California and Liberty in recent years. In the fall of 2014, Barbour launched the “Barbour For Land Rover” line specifically for Land Rover, the first collaboration between two well-known British brands.

Both Land Rover and Barbour’s outdoor clothes show the essence of a complex, capable, durable and reliable brand. The high consistency of their pace finally contributed to the cooperation between the two. This alliance, which is widely expected, will also effectively explore the historical heritage of the two major brands and better reflect the importance of collaborative work. Before that, Barbour and Land Rover’s “folk joint name” were common. In public places or television media, it is often natural to see both as the best partner for outdoor equipment. Elizabeth, the queen of England, often drives a Land Rover car with her Barbour coat for hunting.

The 2014 Joint Famous Collection includes jackets, sweaters, accessories and luggage boxes, which are designed with unique patterns, patterns and fabrics to show the steady, low-key and durable characteristics of Land Rover as an off-road vehicle. At the same time, these clothes will continue to retain Barbour’s consistent high quality and durability through the sculpture of Barbour’s masters.

The spread of Barbour in China

Barbour has always been proud of himself, and is more comfortable with himself than other British brands like Burberry and Aquascutum. Generations of family management, prudent international expansion strategies, and indigenous manufacturing of core products all seem to be out of step with today’s mainstream business sense. But it was for this reason that Barbour was granted the honor of being certified by the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales as members of the British Royal family. Perhaps this was called the true aristocracy.

Having a classic Barbour waxing coat is almost the first choice for all fans. Classics take years to hone, it is difficult to imagine modern people, a clothing can go through a hundred years, and its style and technology is basically unchanged. The classic Barbour waxing coat is a typical representative of British clothing and rural lifestyle. Its high quality, practicability and wear resistance make it able to resist all kinds of extreme weather, become outdoor activities must choose equipment. Today, Barbour’s waxed coat is not limited to hunting, fishing, camping, in London, New York CBD, we see more of the elite suit leather, also wearing a Barbour’s waxed coat as the most tasteful way of dressing.

Inheriting classics and leading fashion. What we need is a coat, and what Barbour gives us is not just a coat, but an attitude towards life, a symbol of dedication and pursuit of tradition and taste. And that’s exactly why Barbour has been able to win the affection of many fans over the centuries.

Barbour Bedale series waxing coat

Bedale was originally designed by the president, Ms. Margaret Barbour, as a light, wear-resistant, short jacket in two colors: grey green and navy. Its inspiration comes from the lightweight equestrian jacket, and it is also a functional outdoor dress. Bedale is named after a small rural town in Yorkshire, northeastern England, which brings together all the features of the Barbour brand. One hundred percent waterproof, two large organ pockets, sturdy two-way zipper zipper and thick corduroy collar are Barbour’s persistence and perseverance in personality.

Between 1989 and 1990, Bedale gradually enhanced the warmth of its pockets by retaining the original lining and front button flap. In 1995, black and rusty red were introduced one after another, and Barbour’s classic wax treatment process for anti-thorn wax surface was maintained in design. In 1998, Barbour designed olive Bedale with traditional Tartan flannelette. Subsequently, grey green, Tibetan blue, rust red and black have followed this practice, and different color matching grid style, or classic, or fashionable, or low-key. Since then, the authentic England plaid lining has also become a feature of the Barbour jacket design.

In the early 90s, the popularity of Bedale coats led to the trend of wearing loose coats in Italy. In Spain, France, Japan, Bedale is also the vanguard of the trend. Bedale has long been popular in people’s life and work, and has become a fashion choice for their endless yearning for idyllic scenery. Its influence inspires Barbour to design and make women’s waxing coat, which is Beadnell. It was named after a small fishing village in Northumberland, and was sold on sale in 2010. Compared with the classic waxing coat, it is more self-cultivation, especially for ladies.

Barbour life long raincoat

Since 1894, Barbour has defined the essence of a true British brand, and over time has grown into a symbol of mainstream style.

Throughout the market is still embracing numerous classic 100-year brands, in the wave of day-to-day update of the fashion has always occupied a place, perhaps they keep up with the pace of fashion, but the vast majority of them, know their pursuit from one end. They seem to have been familiar with Miss Chanel’s phrase “fashion is perishable and style is perpetuating.” Find out from the beginning what people need to feel when they are chasing a unique style, and keep it going. Even a little change, but the essence is eternal.

Since 1894, Barbour has defined the essence of a true British brand, and over time has grown into a symbol of mainstream style. This sentence is full of confidence.

If you still don’t know what Barbour is? Or you’ve seen Barbour, and the following words will help you understand or review Barbour.

Barbour classic wax coating series

Barbour, founded by John Barbour in 1894 in South Shields, northeastern England, is a family business with a history of five generations. Take the brand tradition as the basic principle, with the quality, details, durability and fit for the purpose of dress design.

Wax coated cotton cloth is a unique material that was first used to protect sailors in harsh environments. After decades of development, Barbour has used it in clothing in all fields, from the countryside to the city, and is loved by the British Royal family. So Barbour is very proud to have three Royal certification.

Barbour has the most classic and iconic waxed jacket, and the whole series was inspired by the British countryside. The first jacket is Bedale, Beaufort and Border, called 3B. Each of them was developed by Ms. Margaret, chairman of Barbour.

Footprints of Barbour

In August 2014, the British brand Barbour first landed in the mainland of China. So far, special counters have been opened in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shenyang, Nanjing and other places. Barbour (Barbour) was founded in 1894, to produce weathercoats famous, and Burberry, Aquascutum and called weathercoat three major brands. It upholds the British rural style, always adhere to the functional clothing to show “wisdom, rough, charm” brand personality, inherit the core values of family business.

Barbour’s clothes are loved by the British royal family and aristocracy. At the same time, Barbour’s clothes have been certified by Queen Elizabeth, King Philip and Prince Charles. Many of them are for the British Royal family. It is a symbol of quality and is praised as one of the tickets for the upper class in Europe.

The hero, Chen Bailin, wears a classic British Barbour jacket on July 24, 2014 for the mainland China release of “Hours will last forever”. In the same year, Barbour was invited to “Men’s Fashion” (LEON) October issue, by the hot Taiwanese star Wang Yangming as a model, completed the scene shooting in the British countryside.