Barbour waxing coat 007 series

The 007 series has always been a stage for tough guys and Bond girls, but it is also a stage for top international brands. Its luxuriant high-end custom always attracts the fashion people who love this movie. With the hit of “007 Curtain Crisis” in China, Barbour, a low-key gentleman, also inadvertently attracted the attention and admiration of many Chinese fans.

The 100-year-old British Royal brand Barbour, known for its classic, durable waxed coat, is known as one of the entrance tickets for the European upper class.

2014 in the autumn and winter, Barbour entered the Chinese market for the first time. In the seven wax coated coats introduced, 007 of them are included in the “screen crisis”. This jacket is one of the series of new products launched by Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida and Barbour.

The same use of Barbour’s famous WAX waxed cotton fabrics, with excellent windproof, rain-proof features, shows the essence of Barbour’s durable and reliable brand, as 007 sand, screen frequency, but evergreen. And the Scottish plaid pattern lining, coupled with the tailoring of self-cultivation, will also be Barbour’s fashion flavor and classic temperament perfect interpretation.

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