The special history of Barbour

In 1959, Duncan Barbour, 48, died young, and his son, John Barbou, started working. He ran the company with his mother, Nancy Barbour, and grandfather, Malcolm Barbour. In 1968, John Barbour (small) died suddenly, and wife Margaret Barbour entered the board of directors. In 1972, Margaret Barbour was appointed chairman of the board.

In 1997, Margaret Barbour’s daughter Helen Barbour was appointed Vice Chairman of the board. Barbour brand has been managed by the Barbour family, Sansheng III has experienced more than a century of ups and downs, is now the family’s fourth and fifth generation in charge.

Barbour, a traditional British country culture, has a history of 100 years as a coat that can be passed down from generation to generation. With strict hand-sewn threads, durable, watertight oilcloth materials and classic fashionable designs, such as companions and close friends, Barbour is the family that accompanies you and your descendants throughout their lives.

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