Barbour is a low-key luxury brand from Britain

Barbour is a low-key luxury brand in the United Kingdom. It is also a supplier of raincoats and coats for the British Royal family. The Aquascutum and the B have become familiar to us. Only Barbour has not entered China yet. But the quality is ranked first in the low-key Barbour.

Many products in Britain boast that they are used by the Royal Family. Family B takes the name of the former King of England as an important chapter in the history of brand development. But in terms of Royal favor, B and A do not add up to Barbour as well. Despite its ugly appearance, Barbour is absolutely the only leader on the road to durability.

Smythson, a low-key but never lose to Burberry’s luxury brand. Basically, Smythson was born at the same time as the B family, almost a hundred years before Burberry was even founded, so to speak, TA was the ancestor of the British style. From the start, Smythson was positioned as a high-end customer, with royal aristocracy in the water, the European royal family of Shenma and the Indian princes as the guests, and even Queen Victoria as their VVIP.